Dee Silkie

Dee Wilkie graduated from NBCCD in 2012 with a diploma in surface design/textiles. After graduating from school Dee started dying yards of silk fabric and collaborating with dancers, models, photographers and stylists to create gorgeous imagery. One day a photographer who Dee had worked with said to her, "Dee, guess what my boyfriend calls you? Dee Silkie." After that the name stuck and the brand Dee Silkie was born. Dee prefers to work with silks and silk blends over other fabrics because of the amazing qualities of silk. It is not only one of the oldest and luxurious fabrics of the world but it is sustainable, eco friendly, and great for your skin!


Dee Silkie is made for Silkie Girls everywhere. A Silkie girl is able to seamlessly transition from dinner at the Ritz to drinks at a funky dive bar downtown. She dresses with expensive taste, but has a disheveled unpolished look to her (think Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and The City, or Serena from Gossip Girl). Messy hair with a silk top, she is curious, playful, young at heart and slightly sensual. She smells like cherries and almonds and makes everyone at the party laugh and feel as if she has known them for years.


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