PHOTOGRAPHY:  Stephanie Lane  l MODEL:  Athenais Testi  l HAIR/MUA:  Amy Barter  l STYLIST/SILK:  Dee Silkie

PHOTOGRAPHY: Stephanie Lane l MODEL: Athenais Testi l HAIR/MUA: Amy Barter l STYLIST/SILK: Dee Silkie

If you are like me, winter can be the hardest time to get your creative juices flowing.  Outdoors offers no color other than white and the dirty streets of winter.  Here are 10 tips to help you unleash your creative side and get focused on following your creative dreams.

1. Take a break from people.
When you surround yourself with the same people all of the time, their thoughts and opinions start to wear off on you.  When you take a break, or even switch up the people you are hanging around with – even for a night, you can get a whole new perspective on things.

2. Hustle, hustle, hustle but take a break
When you work out, your body sees better results when you have rest days.  Creativity is the same way.  It’s sooo important to push yourself and to work hard, but taking a break can help your mind digest all of the cool ideas that it has been stewing on and bring forth the best ones.

3. Don’t try too hard
Sometimes I think creative people get too hung up on “what is my brand?”  “What do I want my style to be?” “What do I want to be known for?” I think if you just start and keep creating what comes to you naturally, then over time you will start to see patterns and consistency in your work.  Your brand will create itself, you shouldn’t try so hard to create a brand.

KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID!  I think creative people have such great and elaborate ideas that we sometimes freak ourselves out and become overwhelmed with the possibilities.  I think keeping things simple is a really good thing to remind yourself of over and over and over again during the creative process.  It’s easy to get carried away and side tracked, but remember, it’s better to FINISH something, then to start something and have to stop half way through.

Personally, I can be really bad at procrastinating.  It’s so true that the hardest part of starting something is STARTING.  So I usually get myself a coffee and decide beforehand that after I drink my coffee I HAVE to start.

6. Find your tribe
This is so important.  Find people who are also creative.  They do not have to do the same thing as you. For example, if you are a photographer you don’t have to hang out with another photographer.  You can hang out with a model, designer, blogger, etc. Either way, find a group of people who GET IT!  Hanging out with other creative people is so inspiring and will totally recharge you.

7. Collaborate
When you work with other people you are challenged to grow, compromise, and see things from another person’s point of view.  My best work has been projects that I can work on with others.  Using each other’s strengths takes everyone’s work to the next level.

8. Don’t be afraid to do things “wrong”.
If you have an idea, do it.  Don’t worry if you look stupid or if it seems crazy.  Playing it safe is boring.  Forget what other people think of you and do your best to see your idea through.  If it’s executed properly, the haters will only hate because your work is so effing amazing.  The best thing about being creative is that there is no “wrong” way.  Make your creative projects your own and don’t worry about doing things “right or wrong.”

You are going to come across road blocks and detours.  This doesn’t mean it’s time to give up.  It means figure it out and use your creativity to problem solve.  If something doesn’t work, try it again.  Everything is possible if you put your mind to it.

10. Creativity gets stronger the more you create.
I think there is an underlying fear that we only have so much creativity in all of us.  This is not true!  Creativity is like a muscle.  They more you use it, the easier it gets.  If you are experiencing a creative block, do something easy like reading a book, cooking a meal, listening to a podcast.  I guarantee this will make your creative juices start to flow.

If you have any other ideas on how to unleash your creative side, I would love to hear them! Comment below or send me a message:)