Becoming Too Comfortable
Photography:  Nathanael Patriquin  l Model:  Cindy Kimove  l  Fashion Design:  Adrienne Goodine  Silk/Styling:  Dee Wilkie

Photography: Nathanael Patriquin l Model: Cindy Kimove l  Fashion Design: Adrienne Goodine Silk/Styling: Dee Wilkie

Cindy in a puddle
Fred Tourism - Downtown Fredericton

I need to start off this blog post by saying this was a little unconformable for me to write.  I hate it when people talk about how much money they make but I try my best to show the honest side of what being an artist is like.  With that said, I feel like the topic of money needs to be discussed.  
They say that "hate is a strong word." However, when I first started the job at the IT company I recently left, it was because I HATED the current job I was doing at the time. I originally thought I would work at the IT company for a year (two max!), survive on a good income for a little bit and then move somewhere to "focus on my art" (Omg how cliche, but looking back, I was kinda right!). When I started working there, however, I found out that not only did I get a starting salary, I also got bonuses, commission AND extra perks. Perks such as health benefits, breakfast from the Happy Baker every Friday morning, never working on evenings or weekends and extra days off! Oh, and did I mention they gave me a yearly allowance to use towards working out?? So, by the time it was all said and done, I actually ended up working there for four and a half years.

The first couple of years I worked there, the more my paycheques went up. It is true what they say, "the more money you make, the more money you spend!"  I went from packing a lunch every day, to going out for lunch almost every day (I may or may not have packed on 15-20 pounds...) I also got in the habit of getting a grande, pike roast blend (from Starbucks) one to two times a day.  PENNIES!  <<Waves hand whimsically in the air proclaiming that "money is no object!">>

So about a year or two ago I found myself faced with a hard choice.  Do I keep killing myself, basically working two full time jobs (my day job and my "side hustle") or do I quit one?  If I quit one, which one would it be? Well, as you know, I finally made a choice! I left my day job at the end of October 2017 to embark on a new full time career. This is something I have wanted for a really long time but have not been brave enough to risk until now. I am beyond excited to take this on, but of course I am also nervous. I have become so comfortable with a certain lifestyle and it's going to be hard to change that. For example: date nights are going to have to be at home and I am going to have to...<<gulps nervously>> brew my own coffee... I am ready for the change though and really looking forward to it.

So I want to know, have any of you felt like you have become comfortable or stagnent in your current job? What are things that you could do to change that?

"When it's time for you to venture out, don't let fear have you looking back at what you are leaving behind."

- Dee