Dee Silkie


Dee Silkie

When I was in school, my least favourite subject was Art. I’m pretty sure it was my lowest grade in grade nine. In grade ten when I had to pick between an art class and a band class (as in a music band) in order to receive a mandatory Fine Arts credit, I picked the Band class…and I don’t play any instruments. 

There are so many things I hate about art. I hate drawing, painting, cutting, gluing, sewing, folding, tying, dying, using chemicals, taping, measuring, etc. Plus the absolute worse thing…having to clean up a huge mess when you’re done! It just sucks.

So, what did I do nearly four years ago? I married an artist. Your favourite Art Project blogger and mine, Dee Wilkie.

I think it must be true that opposites attract because my wife is seriously passionate about doing art. We literally have a whole room FULL of proof. When Dee and I first moved into our two bedroom apartment, the plan was for one of the rooms to be a designated “Craft Room.” The Craft Room was supposed to be a space where she could store her craft supplies and work on her art projects in order to keep the rest of the apartment more clean and tidy. I can honestly say, that since we’ve moved in, the Craft Room is doing about half of its job. It’s definitely storing lots of craft supplies, but so is the kitchen…and the living room…and, up until last week, her car. The problem is, there are so many supplies in the Craft Room, there’s not enough room to actually work in the Craft Room. So her work has pretty much taken over the whole apartment and taken over my life.

Now that you have a bit of an overview of what our situation is like, I’d like to talk a little bit more about some of the things that tend to bother me about being married to an artist:

It bothers me that Dee has to use the kitchen sink and stove to dye fabric. I don’t like the idea of the chemicals in the dye getting on the stove, counters and lingering in the sink. I try to designate one side of the sink for washing dishes and the other side for “art chemicals” but she always gets the sides mixed up.

Sometimes Dee needs to set up some kind of huge apparatus that takes up a big portion of the living room, kitchen and kitchen table, in order to use another method of dying fabric. This means the kitchen table is out of commission and it leaves very little room for walking between the kitchen and the living room. This problem gets compounded when part of her project is on the floor next to the apparatus and/or the huge pot she uses to dye fabric is on the stove. This leaves very limited counter space and very limited room to walk.

As I said earlier how art isn’t my favourite thing to do, of course I sometimes get sucked into helping with her projects. Hurray (sarcasm)!

One of the worst things to deal with is when Dee’s projects don’t work out I have had to deal with lots of tears and even fits of rage when something didn’t turn out the way she was hoping. This is very challenging for me because my solution for this would be to just not do art. This is obviously not the solution for Dee.

All in all, although I complain, it’s really not that bad. I don’t think I would want to marry someone that was the same as me. Sure it can be challenging sometimes but without Dee, my life would probably be pretty boring. I also have to admit that it is pretty cool to see a finished project that really turns out for Dee! I’m probably the only other person who gets to see the whole project from beginning to the end. I see how rewarding that can be and how happy it makes her in the end…and that makes it all worth it!