Unity Pillows are the result of a Canadian and Syrian partnership.  A colleague of mine is currently helping a local Syrian refugee family integrate into the local community.  As she got to know the family better, she realized that the head of the household had run a clothing manufacturer in Syria.  She knew I am always looking for someone who can help me with sewing and she thought, "voila!"  She introduced me to the family and I learned, very quickly, just how sweet and hard working the family is.  Not to mention, they make THE BEST (and I am not kidding) coffee I have ever tasted!  

Unity Pillows have words on them such as "love," "hope," and "dream." One side of the pillow is in English while the other side is in Arabic.  We want these pillows to represent the feelings these families have when they come to Canada.  Incidentally, those words also represent the way I feel about making art.

Over the summer I have worked off and on with this family to create these hand sewn, hand printed, decorative throw pillows.  Although we can't always understand each other perfectly, sometimes speaking the same language with the tongue isn't what matters.  It is speaking the same language of the heart.  This family is so happy to be in Canada, it makes me so happy to call myself Canadian.

"In union there is strength." - Aesop


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