Photography:  Kelsey Schroeder  l Model:  Kayley Reed  l Skirt:  Adrienne Goodine  &  Dee Wilkie

Photography: Kelsey Schroeder l Model: Kayley Reed l Skirt: Adrienne GoodineDee Wilkie

Everywhere I look I see pineapples!   They are printed on throw pillows, clothing, even plastic cups!!  It's as if people have been blind to pineapples for years and then walked into the super market one day and thought, "hey what is this new fabulous looking fruit?  I should put a picture of it on everything."  It's kinda like that episode of Portlandia where they put a picture of a bird on literally EVERYTHING!!

Traditionally a pineapple symbolizes welcome and hospitality and so I want to welcome you to my newest collaboration with Adrienne Goodine.  Adrienne and I have worked on many projects together, and have recently started focusing more on our own individual lines with the help of each others expertise.  Adrienne is super girly and wanted a motif for her new line that would be fun and flirty.  Adrienne has also been in love with pineapples for the past few years (trend setter say whaaat?) and so I knew right away that some sort of pineapple motif is what I had to design for her.  Adrienne is also obsessed with hearts and polka dots, so I filled in the pineapple with polka dot hearts and a bow around the hairs to top the whole thing off.

What do you think about the summer 2016 pineapple trend?  Do you love it as much as we both do?  Or are you ready for pumpkin spice lattes already?

"Put a pineapple on it."