Photography:  Barry McCluskey  Model:  Alex Vautour  l Stylist/Designer:  Dee Wilkie  

Photography: Barry McCluskey Model: Alex Vautour l Stylist/Designer: Dee Wilkie 

There is so much worry and concern over starting your own business. "Is this true to my brand? Who is my target market? What is my mission statement? Will I sell B2B or B2C?" Now a days, starting your own business isn't just about a strong mission statement and a good portfolio, it's also about DOING SOMETHING for a CAUSE. Look at companies such as Wear Your Label, and 10Tree. (Both are startup companies who do good. WYL aims to end the stigma surrounding mental illness, and 10tree with a goal to plant more trees and save the environment.) With start up companies tackling issues as big as these, starting your own business can seem even more daunting! Is it enough to just make pretty things anymore??

I think the answer to this question is this: if you want to make pretty things, and solid products GO FOR IT. Quality is always valued, and so is beauty. However, for me personally, I don't think that is enough to excite me and get me passionate enough to sustain a business on long term. So I thought long and hard about it (before I heard about WYL and 10tree). I thought, "should I give a part of my profits to groups who support students with learning disabilities? Should I give some of my profits to AIDS research?..." Although both of these things matter to me, and I think should be supported, I just wasn't DRIVEN by them.  

After not coming up with a cause organically that sat right with me, I proceeded to just, well, make pretty things. Yards and yards of beautiful flowing silk. Scarf after scarf after scarf. The more I worked the more I was driven by one faint whisper, "follow your dreams". The voice was quiet, and then grew. I realized over time, I wasn't the only one with this voice playing over and over in my head.  Others were listening to the same hypnotic calling and it finally came to me, I need to make something that encourages people to listen to their calling and to be their best self. I want to inspire people to reach their full potential. 

I am learning every day what I believe to be my "potential" and so my artistic themes and products may change. I think that suits me though as as artist because it is so hard to stay focused on one thing for too long. I would love to know, have you ever been passionate about a project or had your vision change? Let me know in the comments section! :)