Photography:  Barry McCluskey  l Model:  Victoria Deveau  l Surface Designer/Producer:  Dee Wilkie

Photography: Barry McCluskey l Model: Victoria Deveau l Surface Designer/Producer: Dee Wilkie

Working with another person requires compromise, respect, and kindness(thank God I married my husband Ryan, the most respectful, kind guy I know).  I have been fortunate enough to have worked with some GREAT photographers and most of them more than once.  The photographers and I who I have worked together a few times have fallen into a sort of dance if you will.  We trust each others instincts and inputs and if one of us suggests something, the other at least TRIES their idea, even if they don't get it at first.  We listen to each other and collaborate as two artists should.

Working with a new (to me) photographer is a little clumsy.  It is like kissing somebody for the first time.  You don't know what the other one likes/dislikes, you don't know what they are going to do next, and you have to just ride it out and see how it goes.

I worked with Barry McCluskey for the first time this summer.  I had met him during my work on the DEFINE project where Barry stepped in last minute and shot some B-role for us.  I was in love with his work right away and reached out to him asking if we could do a shoot.

Barry brought such a strong work ethic to set and definitely brought his personality!  He talked to our models so casually, like they were having drinks on a patio together, while he shot them. He was also constantly open to my input throughout the process.

Our models, Alex and Tor, were also incredible. They were even generous enough to come back and shoot with us again so we could try some different lighting.  It is team work like this that allows such great results.   When the designer and photographer work well together and you have models who are so willing to work with you and want to emulate your image, you get amazing images like the one above.  So thank you Barry, Tor, and Alex for these awesome images (also, shout out to Adrienne Goodine for making this dress out of a rough sketch I drew for her!!!).

"I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me." - Joshua Graham