Photography:  Barry McCluskey  l Model:  Alex Vautour  l Designer/Producer:  Dee Wilkie  

Photography: Barry McCluskey l Model: Alex Vautour l Designer/Producer: Dee Wilkie 

There are some situations in our life that require confidence when we just don't have any.  Weather it is speaking in front of a crowd, making a tough decision, or modelling for people you have never worked with before (like Alex did above).  Sometimes, you just have to channel your own inner "Sasha Fierce."

So, how do you do this?  Here are five ways to help you channel your own inner "Diva" and find that confidence that you need.

1.) THINK OF SOMETHING YOU ARE GOOD AT - Literally compliment yourself.  When you feel insecure, you are most likely playing a track in your head of all the things you aren't good at and characteristics you don't like about yourself.  Change that track to something more positive and focus on the things that you ARE good at.

2.) FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT - No one knows what you are feeling inside but you.  If you pretend you are confident, most people will believe you.

3.) BREATHE AND TALK SLOWLY - Speaking too quickly and forgetting to breath is one of the easiest ways to tell that someone is nervous.  It might seem to you like you are speaking at a regular pace, but when people get nervous their heart races and they speak more quickly.  Take deep breaths to help calm your heart rate and focus on speaking a tiny bit slower than you think is normal (side note - breathing also provides more oxygen for your brain, allowing you to think more clearly about what you are saying).

4.) POSTURE - Another telltale sign that someone is lacking confidence is their posture.  If you are hunched over with your head down, you're not channelling Beyonce that's for sure!  Stand tall and proud like you know you are MEANT to be wherever you are.  

5.) REMEMBER YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO FEELS INSECURE - It might surprise you at who else feels just as insecure and self conscious as you do.  Everyone lacks confidence from time to time.  The next time you feel like you are the only one in the room who feels out of place, remind yourself you probably aren't and you are not alone.

"Instead of wishing you were someone else, be proud of who you are.  You never know who is looking at you wishing they were you." - unknown