Photo:  Sincerely Bella Photography  l Dancer:  Sarah Ashley Hunt  l Fashion Design:  Adrienne Goodine  l Surface Design:  Dee Wilkie

Photo: Sincerely Bella Photography l Dancer: Sarah Ashley Hunt l Fashion Design: Adrienne Goodine l Surface Design: Dee Wilkie

Disclaimer: This blog post is pretty long, so I recorded a video if you would rather watch that.  If not, here is my weekly blog post. :) 

Sometimes God reveals himself in interesting is the story about how I got my silk, all the way from the East Coast of Canada to LA, on a dancer from one of my fave shows. DANCE MOMS!!!!

Last winter I stumbled upon dance photographer "Sincerely Bella Photography."  I really liked her work and reached out to ask if we could collaborate.  We messaged back and fourth on Instagram and for one reason or another (I honestly don't remember why) we lost contact.  Late July/early August I opened my Instagram mailbox to see a message from SBP.  She told me that she was flying out to LA in a few days to shoot Sarah Hunt from Dance Moms.  Anybody who knows me knows how much I love Dance Moms!  ("EVERYONE'S REPLACEABLE!" "YOU CAN'T REST ON YOUR LAURELS" "SAVE YOUR TEARS FOR THE PILLOW!" Oh Dance Moms...)

I received SBP's mailing address late in the week or during the weekend.  Then Monday was a holiday where I am located so the post office wasn't open.  Tuesday came and went with me being unable to get to the post office due to another shoot I was involved with in Saint John, and also my day job... Wednesday came and my co-worker asked me if I had sent my silk yet.  "," I replied.  "She needs it by tomorrow and I don't think it will get there on time." "DEE!" My co-worker exclaimed.  "You have to at least try!"  

"Ha!" I thought.  There is no way this will work but I called Fedex anyway and was surprised when they told me that yes, I could have my parcel delivered from NB, Canada to OH, USA in less than 24 hours.  "But you have to drop off the parcel here before four."  "Shoot!"  I thought.  I work my day job until 5 and I had already taken time off the day before to go to Saint John for a photoshoot.  I called my Dad and asked him if he could do me a solid.  "Can you pick up silk from me at work and drop it off at Fedex to this address??"  My Dad (the saint that he is) said yes.  I live about a half an hour from work (with traffic and construction) so I took lunch early and drove home to collect my silk as quickly as I could.  I got back to work and met my Dad.

That night I spoke with my Dad on the phone.  "Did it work!  Did you send my parcel!?" "Yes," my dad said.  I started to get excited and then my dad said, "it cost you a pretty penny."  "How much?" "$180.00" (Canadian).  This made me feel a little sick as I mentally deducted that from my bank account, but I still had a feeling it would be worth it.  

I contacted SBP and told her my fabric was on its way!  We were both so excited and SBP started tracking the parcel's progress.  "It should get here by ten tomorrow morning!"  She told me.  "Which is perfect because I leave for LA at three!"

Ten o'clock came and went and at 2:30 I received a message from SBP that my silk had not yet arrived.  I panicked.  Was this a joke!?  I had just paid almost TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS for my silk to get there on time!!!  I called Fedex and explained the situation.  I also explained that I had paid extra for the parcel to get there on time.  Fedex told me they would contact the driver and put a rush on it right away.  I sat at my desk at work and prayed, "Dear God, pleeeeease let her get my fabric on time.  Please somehow make this work.  Even if she gets it last minute, please let her get it before she leaves."

Looooong story short (yes I know, it has been long enough already), for whatever reason, SBP was running late. Then, because she was running late, she met Fedex just as she was rushing to the airport. She got my fabric just in the nick of time!  She took some great pictures with dancers Sarah Hunt and Meryl Hubbard (to see more visit my facebook page).  Oh, and guess what else?  Fedex refunded me my money!!!  I cannot believe how this worked out. A complete stranger who I met on Instagram and a few prayers to God, turned out to be one of the highlights of my summer.  I love a good story and this is one of my best yet.  

"For with God, nothing shall be impossible." - Luke 1:37