Ever since I saw Alexander McQueen's exhibit at the MET in NYC in 2011 I have been a total fan girl.  I have since seen a few of his fashion films that all have that same sense of darkness, mixed with utter beauty.  This summer I teamed up with local videographer/photographer Barry McCluskey to work on my very first fashion film.  I told Barry I wanted something that was dark, eerie, and a little scary mixed with a sense of beauty.  Boy did he deliver!  

While filming the above short film this summer, we were accompanied by many Pokemon GO fans and a live band.  The models also played upbeat hip hop music on their phones.  There was literally nothing creepy or scary about the filming of this project except for the huge spiders lurking around.  However when Barry sent me the final edited version of the film, even I was freaked out!  Barry and the models did such a great job of emoting that sense of darkness and beauty at the same time, I was really impressed.

Because this video turned out so creepy I really wanted to wait and share it with you until around Halloween to get you into the spirit of freakiness, fashion, and fabulous creative imagination.

Shout out to our models Alex Vautor and Victoria Deveau, and again to Barry McCluskey for working on this project with me!