Photo:  Brent McCombs  l Model:  Nicki Palmer  l Fashion:  Sherry MacFarlane  l Silk:  Dee Silkie  

Photo: Brent McCombs l Model: Nicki Palmer l Fashion: Sherry MacFarlane l Silk: Dee Silkie 

So...I have some big news.  I am FINALLY launching my new silk cotton boxers!  The boxers are designed by me and have the words "INSTEAD BE KIND" written on the elastic waist band as a personal reminder to whoever is wearing them to be kind to those around them. Acts of kindness could include giving an extra tip to your server, picking up your friends tab the next time you are out or buying coffee for the person behind you in line...whatever the act is no matter how big or small, sprinkle those acts around like confetti. There can never be enough kindness in this world.

That being said, I am looking for brand ambassadors to partner with!  What does that mean? I'll be choosing 20 influencers to work with this spring in the launch of my first product line! You'll get a free pair of silk/cotton boxers ($25 value), and in return I'll ask you to help me on the launch day by posting a pic on Instagram!

We are looking for both male and female ambassadors! Interested? Apply here

*Note: the boxers featured above are not the new boxers. To see the new boxers, click here.