Photography:  Nathanael Patriquin  l Model:  Amaki Otuteye  l Choker:  Adrienne Goodine  l Silk/Styling:  Dee Silkie  

Photography: Nathanael Patriquin l Model: Amaki Otuteye l Choker: Adrienne Goodine l Silk/Styling: Dee Silkie 

Finding a place to live in the 6ix:

CN Tower - Toronto

Finding a place to live in Toronto took me exactly 5 days. Ryan and I drove to Toronto where we stayed with family friends. Ryan took a FST course to get his level 2 certification and my job was to find us a home. My high school friend Monica took three days off of work and went on the hunt with me. (THANK GOD! I had no idea where to look or what to expect.)

Shock Value.

The first day Monica and I viewed a cute unit that was literally a third of an attic. Yes, you read that right. The attic was divided into three separate apartment units. It was a bachelor pad, and came to a whopping total of $1300 CDN. Per month. The laundry room (located in the basement) was TERRIFYING and swayed me towards a "no" more than the tiny space and expensive rent.

The second unit we looked at was a little bit bigger. It was still a bachelor pad but it had a separate space for a kitchen and a small nook for a kitchen table. I could see Ryan and I living there more than the first place AND it had a brand new washer and dryer in the unit. (Who knew laundry would be a deciding factor when it came to finding a space!?)

There's Hope!

On Wednesday Monica and I set off to see the third unit. By this time I felt so completely overwhelmed and anxious, but Monica had high hopes for finding a space in the same area that her and her boyfriend live in. We walked into the unit and could not believe how big it was! The place was well kept, spacious, and even had a nook that I could turn into a small office for Dee Silkie! I tried not to get too excited but my mind was racing with the possibilities and potential for the space!

Guys I'm Scared...

That night we decided to look at one more place since I hadn't signed a lease yet. Monica told me that the neighborhood this unit was located in was rough, and that she really didn't think it would be a good fit for Ryan and I, but I convinced her to take me to see it anyway.
"A rough place is better than no place" I thought.
As we drove into the neighborhood my alertness went up by the second. The apartment building we were looking at was blaring "Stan" by Eminem and there were some pretty seedy characters walking about who stopped to simply STARE at my friend Monica and I. As we stood on the doorstep waiting for the landlord to let us in all I could smell was cigarette smoke pulsating from the building. We checked out the unit (a one bedroom, surprisingly the same price as the attic space due to the sketchy neighborhood) and all I could think was "I really hope we get the place we saw earlier this morning."

We Found A Home!

The next evening Monica and I took Ryan and Monica's boyfriend to see our favorite pick of the week and cross our fingers that Ryan would like it and that a lease would be signed. Ryan liked it and we were able to sign a lease! I can't wait to show you all our new place once we move in! It's in a great neighborhood and is bigger than our place now. We will be moving in early November. In the meantime, follow along for a behind the scenes adventure on my Instagram stories. I'm sure there are a lot of freak out moments and meltdowns coming soon.

...moving, am I right??


Photography: Nathanael Patriquin
Model: Amaki Otuteye 
Choker: Adrienne Goodine
Silk/Styling: Dee Silkie