Photography:  Mag Hood

Photography: Mag Hood

We're Moving To Toronto!

Our friends and family have asked us a lot of questions, and we're sure you have some we figured we would help set the record straight and answer some questions that we think you might be wondering...

Frequently asked questions...

When did you decide to move?
Ryan and I have been bouncing the idea around for a couple of years. (Well, more like I would bring it up and then chicken out and Ryan would cross his fingers and hope that this was just a phase). We officially agreed to move this summer however, after Ryan finally called me out on my bluff and challenged me to take the leap.

Is Ryan moving with you?
This always strikes me as a strange question, and it is one that I get a lot. Yes Ryan is coming with me. If my life boiled down to Ryan or Toronto, I would pick Ryan plain and simple. I also like to think that in a strange/romantic way Ryan made the same choice.

When are you moving?
We are moving at the beginning of November. Our lease for our current appartment is up Oct. 31st, and we move into our new pad Nov. 2. 

Do you have an appartment?
Yes! Ryan I traveled to Toronto this past week (Ryan was taking the next level of his FST course and I was on the hunt for our new home.) My friend Monica took three days off of work and to track down a new place with me. She taught me about all the coolest neighbourhoods, where the subway lines are located, and what is a reasonable amount of space to expect while living in Toronto. (Boy was I in for a rude awakening when I saw the first couple of places...) We managed to score a place that is surprisingly larger than the unit we live in now, and it's in a GREAT location!!! We will literally be living across the street from High Park.

Why are you moving?
I know that the grass isn't always greener on the other side, and that with a big city comes big competition and new challenges (not to mention higher expenses and less privacy) I do however feel strongly that this is the next step for the Dee Silkie brand. My hope and prayers is that this is the boost I have needed over the past few months and that I will hit the ground running. *fingers crossed*

Where can we continue to purchase Dee Silkie swag?
As always the kindness boxers, silk scarves, and NEW SILK CHOKERS (coming soon), are available on

Well, that's it for now! To follow along with our move, please visit my Instagram page @deesilkie where I post regular "Stories", behind the scenes updates of my changing life with Ryan, and the crazy journey we are about to take! I am so stoked to take you all along on this adventure with me!


Photography: Mag Hood