Photography:  Mag Hood

Photography: Mag Hood

Once a week (sometimes we skip a week but we try our best to go every week) Ryan and I head to our favourite pub for date night. We go on a weekly date night for three reasons. Number one, who doesn't love nachos and spin dip? Number two it's half price on Wednesdays, and number three we both think it's important to spend a few hours of quality time together each week.

This week as we sat waiting for our heaping piles of melted cheese, I told Ryan that I was nervous. "About what?" he said concerned. " business..." I continued to tell Ryan that I feel like a snake. "You know how when snakes grow how they shed their skin and grow into a new one? That is how I feel." I told Ryan that right now I feel like I am about to take the next creative leap. I am about to try something new and experiment with things I have never tried before AND THAT IS SCARY! I am not a risk taker and growing a business is a continued risk! Growing a creative business feels like an even bigger risk. 

There was no conclusion to this magic words that made it all OK...however my spin dip did arrive in all its cheesy glory and that helped as well as Ryan's understanding and support. All in all, only time will tell if these risks will pay off and if I will grow into my new skin. 

Any encouragement and advice is welcomed. 

P.S. Ryan usually edits these posts but he is too preoccupied with the Superbowl so I apologize for any run on sentences, spelling/grammar mistakes.