Photography: Kelsey Schroeder 

Photography: Kelsey Schroeder 

On Friday night I hosted a kindness slumber party in correlation with the launch of my new KINDNESS boxers. I invited some other bloggers/influencers including Kayley Reed, Addie Van Rijn, Alex Vautour, Kate Giffin, and Kelsey Schroeder

The idea behind the kindness slumber party was that EVERYONE was invited. I wanted people to feel comfortable and included from the comfort of their own homes. During the virtual slumber party we hosted a kindness panel (speaking about why being kind to others is so important), a kindness blast (leaving kind reviews on local business pages), and a kindness letter writing party (writing letters to people who have shown us kindness). 

Photo: Alex Vautour l Location:  Delta Hotel

Photo: Alex Vautour l Location: Delta Hotel

Before the slumber party I started thinking about Instagrammable locations where I could actually host this thing. Ryan and I's appartment isn't really set up for something like that and its not the most pretty space to host a bunch of photographers and Instagrammers. I reached out to the Delta Fredericton and pitched my idea. (Ryan and I got married there so I knew the space was gorgeous.)

I met with Colin from the Delta team and he immediately got what I was doing. He loved the idea and agreed to hook us up with a couple of rooms. To my surprise, he even gifted us with breakfast from the hotels restaurant [catch], chocolate covered strawberries and a few bottles of my favourite champaign! 

Photos by: Kelsey Schroeder

When I walked into the hotel lobby on Friday night I immediately felt like I was in a resort down south even though it was still cold and snowy outside. The lobby had fresh lemon water, large brightly coloured paintings, and a freshly renovated atmosphere. The front desk staff was incredible and made sure that we got the best of everything. (Special shout out to Shad who was seriously killing it with kindness.)

Often times when I think of businesses showing kindness I think of smaller mom/pop type stores and smaller locally run operations. I couldn't believe how much kindness was shown to us from a giant hotel such as the Delta!

The next time you want to travel or even have a "stay-cation" I highly recommend you look up the availability this hotel has. The customer service and kindness we were shown was out of this world. I would love to know about any positive experiences YOU had with the Delta in the comments below.