Photography:  Stephanie Lane  l Model:  Katie McDonald  l Hair:  Julia Everhair  l Silk/Styling:  Dee Silkie

Photography: Stephanie Lane l Model: Katie McDonald l Hair: Julia Everhair l Silk/Styling: Dee Silkie

What other husband would have no reaction other than, "OK" when you blurt out at the dinner table in front of friends that "Oh, by the way I'm going to LA!". haha Like, I didn't even tell him this was a possibility. I just made the plan and then remembered to tell him as we sat and ate dinner. 

Yup! You read that right! We're going to California baby! (By "we" I mean myself, fashion photographer extraordinaire Stephanie Lane and my friend/model/fellow girlboss Kayley Reed. Ryan is staying home unfortunately.) The three of us will be hoping on a plane...or two or three as all of our lives are so crazy and headed to Cali! It has been my dream to travel to California ever since my friend Monica went there on spring break when we were 15 and brought back the coolest platform flip flops and matching sunglasses I had ever seen. This was also during the time that the O.C was airing and like...who doesn't want to be Marisa and Ryan?!

The plan is to network, collaborate, and of course shoot gorgeous new content for all of our social channels and websites. I have NO idea how this is going to turn hope is that we make some great connections and get some sick shots (I am less worried about that part as Stephanie is shooting and she is beyond fantastic.) But seriously, this is scary. This could be a huge waste of money, or it could be incredible. We really don't know.

So...what would help make this trip incredible? If any of you know any artists, dancers, models, instagrammers, bloggers, creatives who you think would be cool for us to work with, let us know! If you know of any small businesses there who you want to see us work with, send us a message! If you have any friends there who we could crash with, tell us immediately as we still do not have accommodations booked yet - eeek!

I can not wait to go on this adventure, and honestly if I have to sleep in a car I will! California has always seemed like this far off magical land to me and I can not believe I am finally going there! Let me know what you think!