Hey Silkies! Dee here. I found an old blog post that I wrote a year ago and I wanted to share it! It is funny how so much as changed since this time last year. I moved to Toronto, I started the Silkie girl tribe, and I have learned SO MUCH about fashion and growing a creative empire. At the same time, there is still SO much to learn! I hope you all are as inspired to keep moving and growing as I am. You can do anything you set your minds to Silkie! 

Santa Monica
Beach life
Beach life Santa Monica
Head Scarf

How do you grow your business and your brand when you are just starting out? How do you gain experience and make connections when you are located in one spot? How do you reach your goals when there is no clear road map? The answer to this is -  I don't know, but I do know I am going to keep taking risks and working hard to get myself and the Dee Silkie brand to where I want it to be.

In June myself and fashion photographer Stephanie Lane took one of the biggest risks of our baby careers. We hopped on a plane and flew across the country to Los Angeles to photograph models, dancers, and top choreographers.
"Why did we do this?" you ask?
Well, number one who doesn't want to travel to LA at least once in their lives? The piers, the beaches, the palm trees...its a beach babes fantasy. However deciding to go to LA was more than just a trip to warm weather. LA is chalked FULL of talent. Everyone there is aspiring to be a model, and actor, a youtuber or a blogger. Not only that but we thought we might be able to make some good connections while we were in town.

Nicole Kirkland So You Think You Can Dance

People keep asking me if the trip paid off. That is a good question. Stephanie and I shot 8 photo-shoots in the short weekend we were there. EIGHT! That is pretty amazing considering we didn't know anyone before we left Canada. The pictures we got from the trip are obviously some of my favourite. I naturally gravitate towards beachy, festival vibes. The models who we worked with were gorgeous and Stephanie always surprises me with how talented she is and how she can capture gorgeous images with little equipment and not always the best working conditions...

Not only were the models gorgeous but they were kind and inviting. They gave us great tips about the city that will really come in handy if we ever go again. They recommended cheap Airbnb's, they told us about traffic and parking, and we learned that in the future it would be better if we booked two models for the same time instead of one since plans can change so quickly in LA.

All in all I think it was a good foundational trip. It will be so much more productive (although we really did do a lot in a few short days) than our first trip, and hopefully will one day be something we will make money off of. It is so hard when you are operating a creative business to figure out the loop holes of making money. Who gets paid? How do you make money? These are things I am slowly learning but I hope to fully conquer one day. It is my goal to prove that not all artists are "starving" and that I can make a decent living for myself AND the other creatives I work with. Professional athletes get paid, why shouldn't a professional creative?

Turquoise Sea Foam Babe
Santa Monica Pier