Photography:  Mag Hood  l Location:  Greystone  l Models:  Jordon Profit  and  Elly Rachel

Photography: Mag Hood l Location: Greystone l Models: Jordon Profit and Elly Rachel

Hey guys! If you haven't heard yet, I am SUPER excited because Jordon Profit is interning with me this summer! I first met Jordon at model call for AFW last year. Jordon impressed me right away with his personality and inner confidence. He saved my butt a couple of times during fashion week last year (found one of my other models' missing boxers for example) and has been a huge encouragement to me over the past few months. Jordon will be helping me with event planning, styling services, social media take overs, and Dee Silkie outreach this summer. Check out my Q&A with Jordon below.

1) Tell us a little bit about yourself! 
I am twenty-one years old, from a little town in Prince Edward Island. I moved to Fredericton three Years ago to attend college and fell in love with the city of Fredericton. I have been working three jobs so there isn’t much time for fooling around, but when I do get a day off I enjoy walking the trails and taking a stroll through downtown Fredericton with my camera and capturing the beauty of the city! I have an interest in photography which helps me keep my mind off of certain things.

2) You work like a million jobs. Can you tell us a little bit about each of those and how you show kindness in each role?
A lot of jobs yes, a million… no, I work three jobs and they could not be any different if they tried. For example, I am a Mental health support worker at a residential facility group home for adults who have been diagnosed with Mental Illness’. I work with clients that suffer from Anxiety, depression, Split/Borderline personality disorders, schizophrenia and OCD. Each time I show up for work even if I have been having a rough go, I put a game face on and give them the happiness and compassion that they each deserve!

3) What is the hardest job to show kindness in? Why?
Working with customers that haven’t had their coffee yet is a very hard type of thing to work with because you have to walk around eggshells. That being said, working in the coffee chain that I am employed with, we go through meticulous training on customer service and dealing with hard customers! So it may be hard to deal with the un-caffinated customers in the morning, but you have to take everything they say with a grain a salt. I know exactly what I’m like in the morning so I give them a little break!

4) When it is hard to be kind to yourself and others, how do you overcome that? What do you do to remind yourself to be kind?
Living with Depression and Anxiety you always have a hard time being kind to yourself because your spending all your energy trying to cover your Mental Illness up and being kind to everyone else. That being said, there are some days where I just need to step back from the world and just have a me day. Self-care is a must in living with a mental illness, you have to spend time on yourself because if you take the time to take care of yourself, your body will thank you!!

5) What is the kindest thing anyone has ever done for you?
The kindest thing someone has every done for me is to change the way they think about people and to accept me for who I am! Especially my family!

6) Who taught you to be kind to others in your life?
Growing up in a small community there are multiple people that contributed to raising me to be kind. The phrase “It takes a village” really hits home with me because it took a village to raise me! My family always had the morals to be kind to each other because you never know what may be going on in someones personal life.

- Jordon