Photography:  Nathanael Patriquin  l Models:  Nicki Palmer  &  Erin Farrows  l Boxers:  Dee Silkie

Photography: Nathanael Patriquin l Models: Nicki Palmer & Erin Farrows l Boxers: Dee Silkie

OK, so I wasn't 100% successful with this little experiment, but I was pretty darn close! I originally wanted to take a break from social media because I found I was comparing Dee Silkie to too many other bloggers and creators on IG and I wanted to get in a better head space. I was constantly looking at other small business owners and creative people and wondering why they were (or seemed to be) so much more successful than I am. Jealousy is an ugly, ugly thing and I hate being an insecure person. 

1. I HAVE AN ADDICTION - As far as addictions go, I think checking my social media 90723925028 times a day inst the worst addiction a person could have, but never the less it is an addiction. I think that if we are all being honest with ourselves, most of us struggle with this as an addition. You might not think that you struggle with this, but for two seconds imagine actually saying "no" to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc... for a week. Just a week. Still think that would be no big thing?

2.) IT SEEPS IN- It might not be through Instagram or Facebook, but disconnecting yourself from the the outside world doesn't work simply by turning off your social channels. Emails, messenger, messages on whats-app, (the list goes on) make their way in front of you so the only way to truly disconnect is to turn off all phones, tablets and computer for an extended period of time and UNPLUG! 

3.) I USE IT AS AN ENDORPHIN BOOSTER - Very early on during my strike against social media, I realized that I use social media as a feel good drug. The second I had a fleeting moment of fear, insecurity, doubt, anxiety, or negativity my very first reaction was to open up Instagram and not address those thoughts and feelings but rather push them down. I realized that I use Instagram as a way to validate and feel good about myself.

4.) I REALIZED WHO THE NEGATIVITY IN MY LIFE IS - During my social media strike I still allowed myself to have Snapchat. (Guys, come on, I couldn't go completely cold turkey!) Snapchat is probably my least favorite out of all my apps and I don't use it as much as the others so I allowed myself access to Snap BUT I had rules. I was not allowed to send/post videos ONLY chat, and I was only allowed to watch the videos people sent me and the stories of people who do not cause my anxiety. This meant no Kim Kardashian, no Spencer Pratt, and no Cosmopolitan. I only opened the stories that I felt certain were going to be happy, funny, and positive. (Shout out to Nicki Palmer for always making me smile when I watched his Snap stories!)

5.) I STARTED TO FIND MY OWN VOICE AGAIN - Sometimes I feel like a creative sponge. I am constantly reading, listening, watching, and conversing with other creatives, and of course I have my favorites who I follow regularly. When I follow my favorite influencers over time their voices and opinions start to have an effect on me. I realize that my posts start to sound like thiers, and my content starts to become similar to theirs. I think this is a natural thing, and we all do it, but it is important to take a breather and find your own identity. No one is me and that is what makes me special. 

I would love to know, have you ever taken a social media break? Was it easy or hard for you? Let me know in the comments section!