Photography: Philip Roman l Models: Maddie and Taylor l Fashion: Snooty Fox l Styling: Dee Silkie

If you follow me on Instagram, or read my blog post Date Night you know that The Snooty Fox is my FAVOURITE restaurant ever. Some of you may be wondering why a fashion blog is talking about a restaurant but wait until you get to number five of the Snooty Fox's best kept secrets!

1.) PARKING - Sometimes parking downtown can be an issue, however what you may not know is that after certain hours you can actually park right on Regent Street directly in front of and across from the Snooty Fox.

Downtown Parking

2.) WAITING - How many times have you walked into the Snooty Fox and stood in a line up out the door and the hostess has told you "it will be about a twenty minute wait" so you leave and go some place else?? Ryan and I have heard this A LOT but we always stay and wait. We have learned that nine times out of ten when the hostess says that, we are sat in less than ten minutes. (likely less time then it will take you to figure out where you are going to go next).

Please wait to be seated

3.) EXPANSION - The Snooty Fox has actually expanded and added an extra room! This is great if you want to have a little bit more intimacy for a reservation, and again has cut down on wait times.


4.) ROOF TOP PATIO! - How many of you LOVE to sit outside and sit and have a drink in the summer time?! A lot of people don't know this but The Snooty Fox actually has a ROOF TOP patio. It's also newly renovated! 

Patio Open!

5.) FASHION - This summer The Snooty Fox is launching a BRAND NEW clothing line! I had the privilege of helping them style their "look book" shoot this week and get a behind the scenes look at the clothing they will be launching. They have hats, long sleeve shirts, tees and tanks and let me tell you they are AWESOME! The clothes feel super soft to touch and the logos/prints on them are SICK. They have lots of bright colours and sort of remind me of Hollister or Abercrombie. 

The Snooty Fox's new clothing line launches THIS WEEK! Let me know what you think of it in the comments section!