Saint John River

Dear Amy,

Who would have thought ten years ago that we would have grown up to be so close? In some ways you are like a big sister to me, taking me out for spontaneous dinners, recommending good books, calling me out of the blue to see what's up. In a world that can feel so lonely and so hard, you have made me feel so loved and supported. Random gifts on my doorstep that are so perfect and fitting for my life mean so much more to me than a tube of lipstick or a Christmas tree stand...these things will always remain in my memory because you knew how much they meant to me when you dropped them off.

Sometimes I feel like I have very few cheerleaders in my life and that is something that I so desperately long for. You cousin are that for me. One of my biggest cheerleaders and I want to thank you for always believing. You believe in me when I have forgotten to believe in myself and I promise you I will not let you down.

New Brunswick

Sometimes I see so much of us in each other it is easy to tell we are related. We are definitely cut from the Simonds cloth! However more than our senses of humour and...let's face it our judgemental sides we are also both creatives. I love all you teach me about fashion and style and always get excited when I see a IG message from you regarding Kim's latest outfit (which you always hate and I always love). 


P.S. have I told you how proud I am of you lately? I think it's pretty freakin incredible that you essentially became an entrepreneur over night and no one seems to care about that side of your career. Doing what you do for a living is pretty incredible in itself but so is setting up an office with practically ZERO business training. You are smart, kind, funny, and have great legs. DON'T TELL YOURSELF OTHERWISE (I know you will.)

Thank you cousin. I love you.

Photography: Kelsey Schroeder 
Model: Kayley Reed
Silk/Styling: Dee Silkie

My cousin Amy at my launch party last year.

My cousin Amy at my launch party last year.