Custom Branding

This fall I was approached by a brand called "No Issue". They create custom tissue paper for brands. Guys, I am obsessed! You know me, I love all things branding and marketing, and this custom tissue paper really upped my packaging game. I am so stoked that now, when I send my customers their packages in the mail, their products will be wrapped in custom Silkie paper.

Not only does No Issue create a feeling of suspense to add to my customer's unboxing experience, but it was also super easy to create! All I had to do was go to the No Issue website and plug in my logo/image. For all you surface design nerds, you can also choose if you want your image to show up in a block pattern, half drop pattern, diagonally, or strait across. There are literally so many options for how you can create and design your own tissue paper.

If you do order your own tissue paper, I highly suggest you check out their "tips and tricks" page! It shares (what I consider) super cool statistics about packaging and its importance to the customer experience. It also gives you great ideas for creating your own tissue paper including using your social handle as your logo (kind of wish I had done that). To see more examples of their work and to get some more inspiration for your own custom tissue paper, check out their Instagram here.

Custom Tissue
Dee Silkie Tissue

I am so pumped about this tissue paper I have already started to wrap my newest product in preparation for its launch later this month! Can you guess what it is!? Let me know in the comments section!

- Dee Silkie