Shortly before Christmas I sat inside one of Toronto's hippest coffee shops, Hot Black Coffee. I was meeting with fellow creative, Alex Vautour, a friend of mine from the east coast. We sipped our drinks and babbled on about branding, marketing, Instagram, and creative strategies. Before I knew it I was planning my first workshop on branding and marketing. In the past, I have lead presentations and given one-on-one coaching, but I never had the space to host my own workshop before! I was beyond excited to offer this intimate workshop strait from Dee Silkie headquarters.

I always think of life as the butterfly effect, especially when it comes to my creative life. Shortly before I moved to Toronto I received a message in my inbox from a Photographer who moved from Moncton, New Brunswick to Toronto! We had worked with some of the same people back home so when I moved here we met up for a coffee and got to talking. Over the course of a grande, pike roast, with a dash of almond milk, I learned that Trevor's passion is shooting head shots. I immediately thought he needed to meet some other bloggers and influencers to network with who might need his help! I invited him to the workshop and he became our official photographer. It was so cool to have a professional documenting the event and taking head shots for all of the girls to have for each of their portfolios (to see more of his work follow him on Instagram here).

Branding and Marketing with Mobile Technology

Not only did I have a very talented photographer, but I had bloggers, influencers, stylists, real estate agents and surprisingly over half of the people in attendance were WRITERS! I must say it was really fun talking to writers about how they could potentially market and brand themselves. How do you market your words on such a visual platform such as Instagram? Who do you market your next book to? These were some of the questions we tackled in our workshop and we came up with some really great and creative solutions.

Pancake bar!

Pancake Bar!

I wanted to keep the cost of the tickets down, but I also wanted to provide food. I decided a pancake bar would be really fun and cute! Thankfully Ryan makes the most instagrammable pancakes ever and made us a fresh batch just as the event got started. I had pancakes, maple syrup, chocolate chips and blueberries for people to dress their pancakes with.

Blueberry Pancakes and Camille <3

Value Ad  

I wanted the event to be personable and feel relaxed and laid back. I set up seating in a circle formation so that it felt more like a conversation than a presentation. 

They are capable of amazing things

Since it was my first workshop I was really nervous about impressing everyone and making sure everyone felt they got their money's worth. As an extra "thank you" for coming to the workshop everyone left with a hand written note, a Lindt chocolate and a sample of my new bar of Silkie Soap.

The devil is in the details.
Roxy aka Elizabitch Taylor

The workshop turned out to be a success and I am thinking about hosting another one in February! Would you be interested in attending a workshop on branding and marketing? If so send me a DM or an email at

- Dee Silkie