Ultra Violet

I was recently approached by a music producer to create some artwork that could be used as background images for the lyrics of his clients music in their CDs. He sent me a few images of what he had in mind and I was instantly intrigued. The compact disc that the art work would accompany was going to be Pantone's color of the year, Ultra Violet. Needless to say I was 100% on board with this project right away.

Trevor Lowe captured the most gorgeous photos of my purple hand dyed silks. He did things with his camera that I have never seen photographers do before. He literally took the lens completely off his camera, spun it around and held it in front of his camera using it like a magnifying glass. This technique resulted in really interesting photos that were half blurred and half in focus.

Moody Silk
Purple Mood
Purple Silk
Silk Fabric Hand Dyed
Purple Silk
Layers Silk
Behind the Scenes

I was so happy with how these images turned out! They are abstract enough that lyrics will stand out on top of them, but strong enough to act as works of visual art all on their own.

To check out more of Trevor's work, check out his Insta page here.