Going into Toronto Fashion Week...

Fashion Week. The most coveted week among those in the industry. Multiple shows, glamorous models, pro-photographers and last but not least extraordinary designers. However if I have learned anything from swimming in various fashion circles throughout the years it's this; there is A LOT going on behind all of the smoke and mirrors.

For example, just because it is fashion week this does not give you the right to treat those around you like shit just to feel better about yourself in an intimidating situation. The people who are at these shows are literally your fellow tribe members. Working within the fashion industry is hard enough, but working within the fashion industry in Canada is even harder. We need to ban together because if nothing else, the truth of the matter is that we are taken less seriously both globally and even nationally. So take care of those around you. Smile and introduce yourself to strangers. Open your circle (both literally and figuratively). Follow each other on Instagram. LOVE ONE ANOTHER.

Also, if you like what you see on the runway, consider PURCHASING something from said designer. Surviving in this industry is harder than you will ever know, so put your money where your mouth is and support these artists who put their blood, sweat, and tears into an industry that we say we care so much about. If you are unable afford their clothing, then help as much as you can in other ways. It is more than possible to help in FREE ways that literally take almost zero effort at all. Share their blog posts and press releases, follow them on Instagram, go to their events and share their brand with a friend. A "click" and a "like" can go along way and helping someone become an online success can often translate into lucrative success. 

Last but not least,  if you are unable to attend the shows for whatever reason, I promise you that YES these events are fun, and YES these events are glamorous but they are not the be all end all to your fashion existence. 

Silkie Girl King St West Toronto Ontario Canada
VanderSilk Shorts
Silkie Girl in Dundas Square

Photography: Stephanie Lane
Models: Jordon Profit & Hillary LeBlanc