Meet the Silkie team!
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Meet the people behind the scenes!

What do you do for Dee Silkie?
D: Hi my name is Dee and I am the owner and creator of the Dee Silkie brand. I graduated from the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design in 2012 with a focus in surface design. Surface design is the artwork that goes onto all surfaces including shower curtains, stationary, tissue boxes and of course, fabric! After I graduated I started dying and printing yards and yards of silk fabric. I love dying silk for many reasons, but the top two are that it takes colour so much better than other fabrics, and because it is one of the most luxurious and durable fabrics in the world.

After I had accumulated a collection of silks I collaborated with other creatives and styled them in really cool ways for fashion photoshoots. My friend said to me one day, "omg Dee, guess what my boyfriend calls you? Dee Silkie!" After that the name just stuck and thus became the name of the brand.


H: I am the Creative Assistant at Dee Silkie.

M: I’m the fashion stylist of Dee Silkie. I style the incredible designs made by Dee for the photoshoots, shows etc.

What do you do for career and for fun?
D: I used to work a 9-5 desk job for an IT company selling online learning. In November 2017 I left my day job to pursue my passion of surface design and business try my best to turn my side hustle into a thriving creative career. When I am not working on building an empire and trying to take over the world, I can either be found travelling around the world, running to the nearest Starbucks with the worlds messiest hair, or binging on a new Netflix series.

H: I work full time at Aritzia’s head office, am a student at the Fashion School Ryerson University, run a blog, YouTube channel and am a cat mom!

M: I’m a second year student in University of Ontario Institute of Technology in Pharmaceutical Chemistry. I’m planning to be a doctor but can’t leave fashion, that’s why I do both. I’m very busy usually. I love drawing, painting, swimming, and all kind of sports. I’m a volleyball and basketball player and I absolutely love cooking!

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When did your love of fashion start?
D: It's funny because I never set out to run a fashion brand. I always liked creating things but I was never particularly interested in clothes or fashion. I actually preferred drama and drawing as apposed to shopping. Once I got into textiles things just sort of evolved naturally and led me here.

H: One of my fondest and earliest memories is flipping through the Sears Wishbook Catalogue while on the phone with my first best friend, Josie, and talking about the clothes in the catalogue. I would do this with every friend I invited over. We would sit and flip through like it was a magazine and rate the clothes.

M: My love of fashion started when I was 5. I was stealing my mom’s clothes and heels. I did ruin her lipsticks. I came to Toronto 5 years ago and that was the time that I actually discovered that I am talented and I love doing it. I went to Toronto Fashion Academy and with that my journey with fashion started.

What measures did you take to get to where you are now?
D: There is so much more to being a successful person in the arts than being talented. You have to hustle every damn day. If you are not posing on Instagram you should be commenting on everyone elses photos. If you are not creating a new work of art your ass should be at a networking event. A million and one people have talent, it’s the people who get their work in front of the masses who make it. Working on your brand and knowing how to market it have been huge for me.

H: In Moncton, NB where I’m from, there is a very small fashion industry. After getting a degree in English with a minor in French, I knew I didn’t want to do anything with that. I had always loved documenting my life on social media and loved blogging. Once I became a cosmetician, I added reviewing products as a topic for my blog and from there it snowballed into an obsession. I then looked into being a journalist, which led me to fashion journalism, which led me to the Fashion School at Ryerson. I am now majoring in Fashion Comunications.

M: In the fashion industry, if you want get bigger the key thing is networking. And that’s what brought me to the place I am. today I was invited or aware of these events because of Toronto Fashion Academy. I finished Fashion Design and Styling courses there and it helped me a lot and is still helping. Dee Silkie was my first fully independent work that I did because my other experiences were referenced or given from TFA.

How did you become a partner with the Silkie Brand?
H: I had heard of Dee because of her kindness boxers. She had partnered with so many people I knew, admired or had worked with as a model. I knew of the brand but very little about her. Once I moved to Toronto, I saw she had as well and followed her Instagram to support a fellow East Coaster. One day she was talking about how difficult it had been to get sewers so I informed her that RU Fashion students require internship hours and maybe an upper year student could help her. We got to talking about her branding etc. and here I am!

M: I met the owner of Dee Silkie in Toronto Fashion week, Dee Wilkie. We first met through an introduction by my friend. After a week or so I found her page and start following. And surprisingly she did too and she messaged me that she loved my work and that’s how I became part of the family now.

What is a Silkie Girl in your mind?
D: To me the Silkie girl is like Kate Spade's wild sister. She loves colour, lives boldly but she is a little bit more rebellious. She is original, a trend setter, and beats to her own drum. Most importantly the Silkie girl is confident. Even when she isn't she fakes it. The Silkie girl is always running late, has crazy lioness hair, and smells like almonds and cherries.

H: I know I am a Silkie Girl. When Dee described to me what she envisioned as a Silkie Girl I just mentally checked off every detail that also described me. A Silkie Girl is organized chaos. I think she’s fun, and flirty, and full of life and a little rebellious. She’s never rude, and never excludes anyone. It’s always the more the merrier, and the more experiences the better.

M: In my mind, the Silkie girl is the representation of women’s power, intelligence, and beauty. The Silkie girl is very sharp and straight. I can’t say that only these types of women can wear Dee Silkie, because all of these traits are already inside of every woman in the world. They are just women that don’t know yet and The Silkie brand will show you that.

What is the Silkie Girl lifestyle?
D: The life of a Silkie girl is different depending on what kind of Silkie girl you are. That is one of the joys of being a Silkie girl. As long as you own it and are confident in who you are it doesn’t matter what path you take in life. You can be an artist, a teacher, mother, fitness instructor or a lawyer. If you work hard, are driven, are unabashedly yourself and live off of coffee and adventure, than you are living the Silkie girl lifestyle.

H: The Silkie Girl lifestyle is having five things to do in one day and managing to do them all. I picture the Silkie Girl, running to catch the street car, doing her makeup as it moves because she’s running late but killing whatever meeting she’s going to and then scarfing food down as she goes to the next which is basically my life, haha. I think she’s fortunate in a lot of ways but always realizes and stays humble. Maybe she lives in a condo, and can afford such, because of her parents’ money but anytime she can give back she can.

M: The lifestyle of a Silkie girl is to have the best look every time and everywhere. Never give up and never be hopeless.

What would you say is your best and worst Silkie Girl Trait?
D: My best Silkie girl trait is that I am determined AF. The path in front of me may not be easy but I am a firm believer that "where there is a will there is a way." My worst trait would probably be my lack of focus. I day dream a lot and have such a big imagination that I can see so many paths that sometimes my focus gets split and I go in too many directions at once.

H: My best Silkie Girl trait and also my worst is how much I put on my plate. I work really hard and will take on every task I can but I often double book myself or have to literally schedule things in that shouldn’t need to be scheduled – like telling a friend I can hang out but I only have two hours before I need to go to a meeting and then work an eight hour shift.

M: I think I am fully a Silkie girl with my style, and lifestyle. The best trait of mine is I always show my power and intelligence everywhere and to everyone and I never give up.

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