Toronto International Film Festival

Well Silkies, TIFF is right around the corner! For those of you who don't know, TIFF stands for Toronto International Film Festival. I have never been to TIFF but everyone keeps warning me that it is going to be INSANE. My friend and online retailer Matty Fabulous keeps telling me that the "city transforms" and I will be blown away by how many people come to the city. Being from Fredericton New Brunswick, I can't even imagine the streets of downtown Toronto having even more people on them.

This year I am participating in a style lounge with Hollywood North TO. Basically what that means is guests will be invited to browse luxury-style items and be dressed and styled for their Festival appearances during TIFF. This is an opportunity for me to put my products in front of film industry leaders and VIPs.

Silkies, I AM FREAKING OUT!!! You know me, I am celebrity OBSESSED. (I mean I will totally play it cool if I see an A-lister, but if I see Kim Kardashian I make no promises.)  What Silkie swag am I hoping will make it onto the red carpet you ask? Over the past three years Adrienne Goodine and I have created a giant body of work together which we call ADRARA (a combination of both of our names). We have high-end luxury silk gowns, crop tops, dresses, and more, that I have hand dyed and printed and Adrienne has hand sewn. I am also going to bring items from my personal Spring/Summer collection including my Petra shorts, VanderSilk shorts, and Olsen slip dresses.

I can't wait to give you guys a behind the scenes look into my experience on Instagram @deesilkie so follow along and let me know what you think! Do you think there is a posability I could see Kim!?