Fashion Art Toronto (FAT) is Toronto’s largest showcase of contemporary and experimental fashion and arts. The five-day multi-arts experience was promised to excite, inspire, and intrigue guests through runway shows, photography exhibits, art installations, live performances and short films. In the two days that the show has run so far, FAT has lived up to its expectations.

The first night was full of dance, vocals, fashion and performance art pieces. The grande finale that no one will forget however was the fashion performance by Maison Chardon.

Maison Chardon FAT 2019

The show started with a model walking down the runway followed by a train so long it had to be unwound from a bold of fabric. Once the train enveloped the runway the show began…

Maison Chardon

Fetish burlesque-inspired couture pieces sensually made their way down the runway. Long golden fingers and cheeky lace behinds teased the audience as white roses were handed out to select on-lookers in the crowd.

Maison Chardon

The audience couldn’t help but reminded of the great Alexander McQueen as beauty and darkness morphed into one.

Breath Play
image3 (1).jpeg
image4 (1).jpeg

The final look was lifted into the air as the awestruck crowd wondered how this was possible in 6” heels and a large head piece.

To see more of Maison Chardon’s work, click here.

FAT is being held at the Daniels Spectrum building located at 585 Dundas Street East. It runs from Wednesday April 24th to Sunday April 28th . To purchase your ticket, and support the fashion and art scene in Toronto click here!