One long subway ride and a short bus ride later, I found myself exploring an area of the city which I rarely ever go to. I wondered in and out of boutiques in the Toronto Beaches and eventually I ended up in a chair at a hair salon I found on the side of the road. I LOVE long hair, but my locks hadn’t been touched in over TWO YEARS and I knew they were long overdue for some serious maintenance. Two hours and one very excited hairdresser later, my hair was about seven inches shorter and I was out the door to an appointment at Soho.

W Skincare
Plus-size model Kari and Dee Silkie at Robust 2019

After a full day of exploring the city, meetings, and outfit changes, I headed to W Skincare on Portland Street with bestie Matty Fabulous.

Dee Silkie wearing Funk'd

After getting such a drastic haircut (see picture of what my hair looked like previous to “the big chop”) I wasn’t quite feeling myself. I didn’t own anything LH (yet) so I had to pull together an outfit that was appropriate for winter/spring whether, but also made me feel like a BOSS.

I am a firm believer that you can wear anything you want to as long as you wear it with confidence (Lesley and I have this in common) but nothing I was trying on felt right, so I did the next best thing and put on every single piece in my wardrobe that makes me feel like a rock star:
- Short shorts (they are actually from one of my collections!) because I love my legs
- Dylan Lex necklace because that brand has so much #bde my pants are poppin’.
- Funk’d sweater (another Toronto designer who I adore.)
- Nike kicks (I read the book Shoe Dog and felt totally inspired. These shoes are one of their original designs.)

Matty Fabulous

Matty wore a LH bomber jacket from her collection last year.

Downtown Toronto

The evening was complete with complimentary sandwiches and my favourite - BEER! That wasn’t the only feast being held though! Our eyes were mesmerized by neon fabrics, intricate designs of close up photography, and my favourite, fabric that appeared to be lit up under the glow of any flash of a camera.


I was surprised by how affordable Lesley’s stuff was! Almost everything at the launch party was under $100.00, and $5.00 from every sale during the month’s launch goes to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) (www.LesleyHampton.com). I was lucky enough to score the last work-out bag from a previous collection FOR ONLY $40.00 DOLLARS!!!


To shop the ROBUST19 collection, check out Lesley’s site here. ROBUST19 is offered from size XS-3X and is gender fluid.

PHOTOGRAPHY: George Pimentel
VIDEO: Mareks Petersons