What it feels like to experience the overwhelming surge to create
Dee Silkie Streetstyle X Asian with a camera

I can’t really explain to someone who isn’t a creative what it feels like to be overcome with the urge to create. It is an experience that I can only describe as being supernatural. For me, when I get a new idea, it quite literally keeps me up at night. I can’t sleep and my mind races a hundred miles a minute. In my spare time my mind wanders as I try to solve and figure out ways to execute my vision. How will I market it? How will I promote it? Share it? Explain it? (These are all a part of my creative process as well because to me the marketing aspect of what I make is just as rule-breaking as the clothes themselves.)

Late last summer after an afternoon at the textile museum, my body started to itch. Not in an “itch” in the traditional sense, but a build up that started to boil under my skin like the feeling you get before a sneeze. I could feel the pressure building up from inside of my core and spreading to my hands. My brain went from firing at normal speed to spinning out of control. As the days went on, I knew I couldn’t avoid this sense of urgency any longer. It felt like one hundred wild horses were running in my direction as images of a red dress came into my mind. I set up my large wooden sewing frames, hit up a couple of fabric stores, and started cutting hundreds of tiny little squares.

As quickly as the idea came to me along with the undeniable urge that this dress had to be made and had to be made now, the urge stopped. I realized after about three weeks later that this dress was not going to be done anytime soon, but I also knew I had something worth holding on to. There was noway the universe came on that strong if this wasn’t a good idea. So I kept working. Some days I would spend hours hand sewing dozens of tiny little squares onto a larger piece of fabric. Other days I would only sew for fifteen minutes. I recruited helpers and had friends sleep underneath the piece mid creation when they stayed with me during their vacations. This dress brought in a whole community of women to help see it to completion.

I ironically decided very early on to title this dress, “RUSH” as a nod to how fast the idea came to me. I chose to keep the title despite the long, slow process because I think there is something to the fact that I kept working on this dress for ten months! Inspiration is a trigger but tenacity and determination gets sh*t done.

Photo: @asianwithacamera

Jewels: DylanLex
Shoes: LeChateau
Hat: Forever21
Jacket: Dynamite