The Dose of Dee Podcast originally started out as somewhat of an experiment and a way to give a value-add to my Silkie followers. Friends of mine had told me that I should either start a youtube channel or a podcast. Youtube seemed expensive (lights, cameras, microphones, editing software…) not to mention a lot of work. I personally love listening to podcasts, and I figured it would be a lot less editing so during a boxing day sale in 2017 I purchased my first mic, a blue yheti. It was beautiful, professional and made me feel like a real reporter..

I launched my first episode in February which featured an interview with my longest and best friend and comedian Natasha Lyn Myles (which is still one of my most popular episodes to date). During the first few episodes I aired, I talked to people about EVERYTHING which has always been my weakness (not having focus and narrowing things down.) During my second episode for example, I talked to one of my best friends Chantali about Atheism vs christianity and a few episodes later I was interviewing Barista Brian about latte art and influencer marketing.

After a couple of months I lost interest and debated shutting down the podcast completely. It took a lot more editing than I had anticipated and I was busy working away on other projects. After a couple of months off, I started the podcast back up again just for fun and then something crazy happened. Over the summer the podcast started to gain traction! Now, I don’t know about you Silkies, but I am totally motivated by positive reinforcement and the more people started to message me about how they loved the podcast, the more I wanted to keep it going…

Over the summer more reinforcement that I should focus solely on the podcast kept coming my way. THIS. CHANGED. EVERYTHING. I started thinking more seriously about what focusing on the podcast would look like. Which direction would I take it? What would I be trying to accomplish? Who would I be speaking to? And thus, FINALLY things started to fall into place.

It has always been hugely important to me to be open and transparent about my creative process. There is absolutely no point in furthering false stigmas and making my life look picture perfect when it’s not. This literally accomplishes nothing. In a world that is so carefully curated (largely due to Instagram culture) I choose to zig when they zag and create content that is REAL. AUTHENTIC. and FUNNY. So I decided that The Dose of Dee podcast should aim to combat this curated culture by bringing authentic conversation and valuable insight to the fashion world.

During each episode I talk about what is going on in the global fashion scene, and I interview either a celebrity or fashion industry leader. Every episode is tailored to each individual and we talk about both the highs and lows of being in the fashion industry. Sometimes working in the industry is shitty, and really hard. Other times it really is as glamorous as it looks on Instagram. It is important to me to highlight EVERYTHING and not live in a world full of smoke and mirrors.

If you would like to be featured on the Dose of Dee Podcast (available on iTunes and Soundcloud) please contact me directly.

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