RUSH Dee Silkie

Dear Friends, Family, & Fools,

The Dose of Dee Podcast is nearing the end of season 1. We have had some amazing guests such as Kayley Reed, Nopaulagies, Joan Kelley Walker, Cassandra Elizabeth and Matty's Fab Avenue just to name a few.

In season 2 of the podcast I will be taking listeners on the journey of pursuing a calling to turn creativity into a thriving, creative career.

You have already heard about how my husband (Ryan Wilkie) and I, left our stable lives in NB where we were surrounded by friends, family, and job security. You watched us on Instagram as we packed up our little car and went on our biggest adventure yet - moving to a city where we hardly knew anyone, didn't have jobs, and had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.

What you haven't seen though, are some of the hard decisions we have had to face and the crippling fear that I have found myself facing on and off for the past year and a half. This is a part of my journey that I have been terrified to tell, but I have decided to tell it in my own way to those who choose to financially back the Dose of Dee Podcast on Patreon. By backing me on Patreon, you will receive an exclusive podcast episode where I open up about my biggest secret offline. Yes, that's right. I have not posted ANYTHING about this on Instagram stories, deesilkie.com or even shared this secret with some of my closest family and friends.

If you chose to not participate in backing the podcast on Patreon, that’s okay! In season two you will still have free access to the rest of my story… This season I will continue to interview industry leaders, celebrities, and experts in the creative and other various business fields. These mentors will help me carve my path and unlock the clues into how to turn the Dee Silkie brand into a thriving creative career.

At the beginning of season 2 I will disclose my personal goals for the Dee Silkie brand and my plan to get there. Through the season you will also be kept up-to-date with my process on each of these goals. If you follow me on Instagram (@deesilkie), you will also be given a behind the scenes look into my meetings, creating new products/designs, and a daily dose of all the wacky and wild ideas that are flowing through my head!

Now as all of you Silkies know, the journey to success is not easy. Being a creative entrepreneur is HARD...actually most days it feels impossible. There are haters waiting to see me fail, money and cashflow restrictions, time crunches and curve balls. However, if I have proven anything to myself and to you over the past year and a half, it is that I will never give up.

If you have enjoyed any of the Dose of Dee Podcast episodes during season 1 and are as stoked about season 2 as I am, then please back us on Patreon. It is only a ten dollar donation and that money goes directly into funding the podcast and pushing it forward. One hundred percent of the proceeds will be going towards the following:
- A second mic so the sound is more consistent. (This will prevent you from having to adjust the volume throughout the episode.)
- A editing lesson with a professional. With the exception of a 15 minute tutorial with an amateur friend of mine, recording and editing the Dose of Dee Podcast has been completely self taught. As a result, my editing skills are not where I would like them to be to make the podcast sound polished and professional. Learning what content to keep, what to trash, and how to play with sound would be a huge benefit to all of my listeners.
-It is a dream of mine to turn the podcast into a web series. To do that I need additional equipment such as a ring light, tripod, and furniture for the set where I interview guests.

I am looking forward to season 2 of the podcast and chronicling the journey of creating a brand that eventually becomes a household name. I couldn’t do it without people like you, who not only back me on Patreon, but who continue to send me encouraging notes on Instagram, watch my stories daily, and who have purchased Dee Silkie products such as the Kindness Boxers and our silk shorts. I promised myself and all of you, that when I moved to Toronto from Fredericton New Brunswick that I would put the East Coast on the map and that is still exactly what I intend to do.

Photography: Trevor Lowe