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Welcome to The Silkie Girl Chronicles – a narrative about Silkie women living their best life in a big city. Together the Silkie team came up with the idea that the Dee Silkie brand is more than items of clothing with only silk in common – these clothes encapsulate the idea of a lifestyle and a crazy, creative and luxurious one at that. To quote Dee herself from her podcast The Dose of Dee, “The Silkie girl can sit through a stuffy dinner at the Ritz and then peace out early and go meet up with her friends at a funky dive bar downtown." We hope that you enjoy this story, find ways to relate and see yourself in these Silkie Girls. We firmly believe there is a Silkie Girl in all of us…which one are you?


The Summer stage

Rays of sunlight filter across my face through the wall of windows as sounds from the busy street below fill my ears. Sunday’s aren’t lazy in a big city but up here in my private paradise, I can lounge a bit longer. As I slowly start to wake up, my brain starts it’s daily routine of begging for coffee. After making a hot cup of coffee, though my mom always joked it was more like sugar and milk with a hint of coffee, I watch hundreds of people walk up and down the streets, all seeming to have defined purpose and destination as I fill my empty minutes admiring them...


coffee and lost confidence

My leg bounces as I wait for Martin to show up. It’s not everyday I get to meet with the founder of a prestigious clothing line and now the man in charge of our fashion week. I’m hoping that having him as mentor, though currently terrifying will help me be successful. This year has been a rollercoaster. From graduating uni, to starting this clothing company I swear I’ve aged 20 years  - thank God for skin creams...

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What are you hiding?

With another chaotic week behind me, Friday felt like a God send. Between school and social events my head nearly spun off but tonight was guaranteed fun: a masquerade party in wine country. Am I big on wine? I’m not sure I’d say yes but I am big on themed parties. I had read about this event online and even though I don’t have a ticket I feel confident I can get in. If I act like I’m supposed to be there, I can’t see why I’d be refused entry...

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Wine and classy?

Something is way too loud for this early. My eyes open, hurriedly searching for whatever is making that god awful sound. Underneath three pillows I find my phone mid-ring with my mom’s name displayed on the screen. “Hello?” I say, my voice coarse. “Where are you?” She asks sternly. “My apartment, my bed. Why?” My eyes are squinted shut. “Madison, you’re supposed to be at the winery with us. We have an event today – remember?” “Apparently I don’t remember Mom.”...