the summer stage



The names and locations have been altered for the art of storytelling. Any similarities to any specific persons, or you the reader, simply indicate that you too are a Silkie Girl.

            Rays of sunlight filter across my face through the wall of windows as sounds from the busy street below fill my ears. Sunday’s aren’t lazy in a big city but up here in my private paradise, I can lounge a bit longer. As I slowly start to wake up, my brain starts it’s daily routine of begging for coffee. After making a hot cup of coffee, though my mom always joked it was more like sugar and milk with a hint of coffee, I watch hundreds of people walk up and down the streets, all seeming to have defined purpose and destination as I fill my empty minutes admiring them. Once I watch a man and his poodle, which I’ve decided should be named Charlie, disappear from view I go downstairs ready to check my missed calls, emails and Instagram notifications. Pictures from the night before flood my feed as I settle on my grey sofa. Once I’ve sent off some emails, despite having the day off, I finally am able to check my texts.

Jay – Day off! You in?

Me – In? What’s the plan?

Jay  – You know I prefer surprises. Me, you and a sunny day in a big city…what more could you want?

Me – How long before you show up?

Jay – I’ll be at your door in about an hour so start putting on your makeup, princess.

Me – I’d tell you to tone down the sass but then you wouldn’t be Jay…on it now.

            After stealing a few minutes on my balcony, just to admire the bright sun and get a feel of the weather I finally rush in to start my makeup. Jay knew I’d be late anyway. Some old habits just don’t die.

            He texts me as I tuck my Olsen Slip into my Petra shorts. Good thing silk is easy to slip on in a rush because, as predicted, he’s waiting and texting me a mile a minute. I snatch my oversized Hydrangea scarf and oversized purse before rushing out the door. If there were an award for putting lipstick on while speed walking, I’d win – no contest. I burst out of the door of my condo and see Jay sitting in his bright white car, top down, finger tapping his imaginary watch.

            “From now on Ellie, I’m always going to tell you to meet me 15 minutes before I actually arrive so maybe we’ll actually get somewhere on time” He says, rolling his eyes at me.

            “But now you’ve admitted this so I’ll probably just use the extra fifteen minutes anyway.” I smirk. Like I said about old habits…

            I slide into the passenger seat and buckle in as the engine revs underneath me. The purr of a nice car always stirred excitement in my belly. I was ready for any adventure this day brought, even if it was small. Jay always knew how to make a day go from dull to thrilling. 

            Despite busy traffic, we park in the downtown area of the city and start walking.

            “Can you tell me where we’re headed now?” I ask, adjusting the scarf around me like a shawl.

            He reaches into his pocket and produces two tickets. “Didn’t someonewant to go to that sold out concert?”

            “Shut up! You got tickets? It’s been sold out all month!” 

            “Let’s just say I dated a guy, who knows a guy and anyway, we have tickets.”

            After showing our tickets, I grab Jay’s hand and slip easily through the crowd making our way to the front barricade.

            “So how did the internship hunt go?” He asks, as we wait for the first band to come on.

            “Actually I just met with the owner of Dee Silkie, that chick who dyes silks?” 

            He nods. “Right. She named it after her mom didn’t she?”

            “Yeah! Well, anyway, I’m pretty confident I got the position. It’s just like doing online branding and basic assistant stuff but I’m pretty stoked about it.”

“That’s awesome babe! I’m so happy for you.” He hugs me.

            “I’m pretty excited. It’s a real job in the fashion industry…in a big city. Like, I didn’t think I’d get this far so soon. I really hope that this like, opens doors and gives me opportunities and stuff.”

            “If you get to go to cool events, or meet celebs you mustinvite me.” 

            “If I can, you know you’re always my plus one boo.” I smile at him.

            Various amazing bands take the stage and we don’t stop dancing the entire time. After the last band finishes a few fireworks go off and I can’t help feel this overwhelming sense of happiness poor over me. Summer has always been my favorite season and knowing I get to spend it in my favorite city with my favorite people makes me feel grateful. 

            “El, you’re going to the masquerade party next week right?” Jay asks me as he drives me back to my condo.

            “Obviously. It’s one of the biggest events. The winery already sent me my ticket. You’re obviously coming too? Right?”

            “Of course. I wouldn’t miss it for anything – unless like, Kim Kardashian was in town and I could meet her. That’s the only reason I’d miss this.” He laughs, pulling up to my building.

            I give him a hug and kiss his cheek before slipping out of the car.

            Once in my apartment I slip out of my Petra Shorts, toss the scarf onto my bed and wander to the fridge in just my Olsen slip. If today was any indication of what this summer was going to bring, I was… 

feeling excited… 

feeling determined…

feeling like…

A Silkie Girl.

HIllary in Silkie Spring Summer