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The names and locations have been altered for the art of storytelling. Any similarities to any specific persons, or you the reader, simply indicate that you too are a Silkie Girl.


            Something is way too loud for this early. My eyes open, hurriedly searching for whatever is making that god awful sound. Underneath three pillows I find my phone mid-ring with my mom’s name displayed on the screen.

            “Hello?” I say, my voice coarse.

            “Where are you?” She asks sternly.

            “My apartment, my bed. Why?” My eyes are squinted shut.

            “Madison, you’re supposed to be at the winery with us. We have an event today – remember?”

            “Apparently I don’t remember Mom.”

            “Don’t get smart now. How soon until you can get here? People from your father’s work are here and we’re not a complete family without you sweetie.”

            “I’m gonna need half an hour.” I say, shoving my face further into a pillow.

            “Be here in half an hour. I know you went out last night but we’re your family.”

            “I’ll be there. I love you, I won’t let you down.” I mumble, feeling only half alive.

            After we hang up I take a second to mentally assess the damage. I’m in the same Dee Silkie Millenial Pink Olsen slip I wore the night before but my pants are across the room. I remember going to the masquerade party hosted by my friend Colby’s family. I remember him running off with some girl, and missing out on the shots. I remember taking his shots. I don’t remember much else after. I shrug, knowing my friends made sure I was safe and we all must have had fun. I sit up, head only pounding slightly. I start to rush to get ready, heading to the bathroom to freshen up and run out without really looking at my face. I quickly slip on my Aqua Petra shorts, zipping them quickly before deciding to accessorize with matching blue and black jewelry – I didn’t have time for makeup this time around. I check what’s in my bag from last night, make sure I’m organized, with sunglasses covering my eyes, fluffing my blonde hair and order an Uber. 

            While waiting downstairs I check my phone. Considering my lack of memory, the pictures aren’t too bad: a lot of dancing, a lot of me taking shots and a few of me flirting with the DJ. He was cute but I mainly just wanted him to play my request. I slip into the Uber once it arrives and head back to the same winery as the night before. They should’ve let me sleep in the wine cellar for convenience, though I think I suggested that to Colby and we weren’t allowed. At least I tried.

            Slipping out of the Uber you wouldn’t even be able to tell a party had happened here the night before. The lawn is still pristine and manicured, the inside spotless and everyone as friendly as ever.

            Once spotted, a staff member directs me to the private room where my family is located.

            “A there’s Madison.” My dad says, coming to give me a hug.

            I can tell my mom isn’t 100% happy with what I chose to wore but when have I ever let her choose my clothes? The answer is not since I was 9. 

She grabs my arm and pulls me aside. “You couldn’t wipe that makeup off?”

“What do you mean Mom?”

“You have a blue line down the middle of your lip. I don’t know what trend that’s supposed to be but this is celebrating a moment in your father’s business and our lives.”

“I didn’t even realize I still had it on, I’ll go wash it off quick.”

“No – you’ve been seen now. Leave it.” She sighs, shaking her head.

I’m brought around to meet everyone who’s been here and get caught to speed on what I missed. 

            “So we’re almost like family now that Dad’s investing in the winery.” I laugh to Colby. 

            “I guess so, sis.” He says, nudging my arm playfully.

            “And you’re here because you’re my friend and knew I’d be hung-over and where the tequila is or…?” I tease.

            “I’m here because my dad made me. I really just want to be laying down too.”

            “Well, you couldn’t have drank thatmuch since you ran off with that girl.”

            “Shh!” He says, eyeing his parents.

            “What?” I glance over at his folks, making sure they haven’t heard.

            “I’m not really supposed to go make out with the aging wine. I mean…with someone around it. You know what I mean.”

            I laugh and pat his shoulder as I walk away, going toward my family.

            “And how are things with you?” One of my dad’s colleagues asks.

            I talk about school and how well I’m doing, my mom adding on to boast about my marks. I listen to them talk about the investment opportunity for a while before downing the last of my wine and finding the real event here: a cheese board. 

            “It’s a pretty exclusive event.” I hear one woman say.

            “What is?” I ask, reaching for the Brie.

            “Tomorrow the museum is having an exclusive members only event.”

            “The one with the guided meditation? I have tickets.” I nod.

            “Really?” Her eyes widen. “Hasn’t it been sold out forever?”

            “Yeah, my dad knows a guy, who knows a guy, who knows the curator. I can ask about getting you two some tickets?” I gesture between the two girls. 

            One girl is brunette, average body size and the other more on the petite side.

            “Oh my god, you don’t have to do that.” The petite one says.

            “I mean, it would be more fun to go with people. I’ll see what I can do.” I hand my phone over, “Follow me on Insta and I’ll message you with an update later.” I smile.

            Once my phone is back in my pocket I grab a few grapes and look around the room. Despite loving business, something about sweet talking people and events like this weren’t really my thing. I just wanted to be my weird self and not have to schmooze, but I loved my family and was happy to see my dad and Colby’s dad merging forces. My liver was also hopeful I’d get wine samples sent to my house once they signed the contract.

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